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Online File Storage for Friends of Animals
Unlimited storage on our safe and secure server for just $10 per month
Help yourself whilst helping laboratory animals. Thank you!

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Details About Our Online File Storage

Online Web storage is available in many places. Some places offer free space for files such as pictures and documents. Other places offer free space for websites. Free website space usually involves ad placements on your site. Or, limited features and options, unless you upgrade to a paid plan.

Fancy Web hosting for stores and bigger websites cost a great deal more. They are fast, spacious and provide many useful features. We can provide fancier Web hosting but it would be at a fancier cost.

We offer Web space for animal lovers. Half of our donations help animals in laborabories. The other half contributes to eco-friendly hardware and security. We donate our money and time as well. Expenses can run higher than all of our donations. But we are happy to help. This is a labour of love, heart and dreams of cruelty-free lives for animals (and people, too!)

Our servers are green. That means they use renewable energy sources and return more energy than they use by threefold - we give back 3 times more than we take in. That makes things a little more expensive. But, it is good for us, the animals, the plants, our planet.

Yes, we offer unlimited space, until we run out. So, by unlimited we should say, "unlimited until we run out." Thus, if you need lots and lots of space, we will help you find a bigger source. We try and serve those who have more average space requirements. That way, we can help more laboratory animals.

Our Web space is secure. You will receive a secure SSL certificate. That means your files are protected. However... very personal, private files should be double encrypted. We offer free programs that do this.

When you join us, you will receive a portal. There, you can login and upload and download files. We recommend using FTP. It's easy and quick. We can help you with that.

Join us in helping animals! Thank you for considering us. Questions? Please ask below!

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Thank you!

Please note: we reserve the right to close any
accounts that violate our Terms and Conditions.
Thank you for caring about animals!